learn implant dentistry
learn implant dentistry

learn implant dentistry from master clinical dentistry institute. learn implant dentistry with us. Excel your skills in learn implant dentistry from Master Clinical Dentistry Institute. For more details on learn implant dentistry, call/Whatsapp +91-7889093147.

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Live implant training institute
Live implant training institute

The best Live implant training institute is at master Clinical dentistry Institute. Learn Live implant training institute with us. Excel your skills in Live implant training institute with master Clinical Dentistry Institute. For more details on Live implant training institute, call/whatsapp +91-7889093147

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dental implant institute
dental implant institute

the best dental implant institute is at Master clinical dentistry institute. dental implant institute offers a wide range of courses on dental implant. If you wish to learn best implants then learn from dental implant institute at master Clinical Dentistry Institute. For more details on dental implant institute call/whatsapp +91-7889093147

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Patient interest in tooth implants is increasing day by day. One way or another, every dentist needs to be able to offer the treatment, as part of a comprehensive package of care. Master Clinical Dentistry Institute has long been committed to conducting courses and encouraging dental professionals to pursue implant dentistry. The Institute offers a wide range of courses and events which enable dental professionals to further develop their skills, competence, and confidence. The course highlights include live surgeries and hands-on sessions to help develop practical skills. Lectures by leading experts give theoretical teaching in implant surgery and prosthetics. Classroom courses and online theory classes are conducted. The course is divided into five modules. The course is conducted as :

A) Long-term course - one month course for beginners

B) Weekend Course 




                          MODULE 1


  • Introduction to dental implants

  • History and evolution of dental implants

  • Different types of implant

  • Rationale of dental implants 

  • Diagnosis in implant dentistry

  • Anatomy of maxilla, mandible and its applied 

  • Bone in relation to implant dentistry

  • Interpreting radiographs for implant placement:  CBCT, dentascan, OPG etc.

  • Difference between implant and tooth

  • Knowing implant parts and abutment

  • Armamentarium required for dental Implant placement

  • Introduction to different implant systems

  • Hands on course : Implant placement on dummy mandible under guidance by each participant.

                 MODULE 3

  • Impression techniques in implant dentistry

  • Provisionalisation in implant dentistry.

  • Stress distribution around dental implants

  • All – on – four concept

  • All - on- six concept

  • Different prosthetic option in dental implants


  • Clinical session: Implant placement by each participant on the patient.


  • Clinical session: Stage 2 surgery of the implant placed by faculty in module 2.


  • Hands-on course: Suturing techniques on the soft tissue model under guidance by each participant.


  • Hands-on course: Hands-on for the prosthetic session which includes impressions and provisionalisation.



  • Treatment planning in implant dentistry

  • Periodontal aspect of implant dentistry

  • Biomaterials in implants

  • Biomechanics in implant dentistry

  • Pharmacology in implant dentistry

  • Sterilisation protocol for implant placement

  • Radiology in implants 

  • Suturing technique

  • Treatment planning: Interactive sessions with participants on the case due for stage I implant surgery.


  • Clinical session: Live surgery implant placement by experienced faculty on the patient.


  • Hands-on course: Implant placement on dummy mandible under guidance by each participant.




  • Osseointegration (criteria for implant to be declared successful)

  • Occlusion of dental implants

  • Clinical session: Immediate implant placement in overdenture cases by each participant.


  • Clinical session: Each participant will do Stage 2 surgery and insert gingival healing collar in their respective previous cases.


  • Hands on course: Immediate implant placement on dummy mandible for overdenture cases.

Dental implant training is done at the master clinical dental institute. Join dental implant courses from best dental school. Do dental implant training from best dental school under the guidance of a specialised dentist. Join dental implant training and excel yourself in dental implant courses. Dental implant training is done under the guidance of super-specialized faculty member. We teach 1: 1 student for dental implant courses. Dental implant training makes student excel in the field of implant dentistry. By doing dental implant courses, they can place dental implants on their own.

               MODULE 5


  • Recent advancements in implant dentistry:- indirect sinus lift, direct sinus lift

  • Bone Grafts

  • Maintenance and hygiene for dental implants

  • Implant failures and its management


  • Clinical session: Completion of implant case by the placement of prosthesis on the implant placed by each participant.


  • Certification ceremony.


- The students will be introduced to the following implant companies: Bio Horizon, Alpha Bio, Nobel Biocare, Adin Implants, Osstem Implants and CSM Implant .

- There will be separate sessions for CBCT and radiographic interpretations.

- Carefully crafted modules, ensuring students can take skills directly back to their practice.

- Every participant will be placing independently dental implants in the patient and four implants will be placed in the dummy mandible

- Provides the theory behind the practice, enabling students to justify the treatment offered to patients.

- Multiple video demonstrations of various clinical procedures.

- Life long bond with Master of Clinical Dentistry students club for all case discussions, treatment planning and armamentarium purchases.

- Cases for immediate implant placement, implant supported overdenture and single tooth replacement will be done by the participant.

- Patients will be provided by the institute.

- Study material will be provided by the institute.

- All lectures will be conducted by experienced M.D.S (Prosthodontist & Oral Implantologist) faculty members.

- Limited batch of five students.

- Weekend / regular course.



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