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This course aims to cover key attributes of dental material science as applied to the restorative and prosthodontic care of a patient. Practical implementation of a treatment plan requires detailed knowledge of a wide range of dental materials and how to manipulate them. Understanding material behavior will also enable effective communication of their advantages and disadvantages when gaining informed consent for treatment.

Dental materials make the student understand the evolution and development of the science of dental material. Knowledge of physical and chemical properties and advantages and disadvantages of the material used in dentistry. Knowledge of biomechanical requirements of particular restorative material and its application and limitations.


By completing this course students will have a greater awareness of the vast range of dental materials available on commercial dental markets. They will also critically explore the current scientific literature and experimental models used in their verification so as to inform their practice.


Online Dental Classes for online dental materials course, the student will learn about the various dental materials available and how to apply them clinically. 


For 1:1 teaching of the dental material class online, the student can take the class at their own flexible time.


The dental material class online is also conducted in batches with a maximum of five students per batch. It depends upon the student on the method the student chooses for teaching.


  • Change of state

  • Important physical properties applicable to dental materials

  • Biological considerations in the use of dental materials

  • The requirement of materials with biological compatibility

  • Classification of materials from of pulp, used for root canal fillings, affecting hard tissues of teeth

  • Laboratory materials that could be accidentally be inhaled or ingested during handling

  • Disinfection of dental materials for infection control.Toxic effect of materials

  • Gypsum and gypsum products

  • Impression materials used in dentistry

  • Synthetic resins used in dentistry

  • Acrylic resins

  • Restorative resins

  • Metal and alloys

  • Dental amalgam

  • Direct filling gold

  • Dental casting alloys

  • Alloys

  • Dental waxes

  • Dental casting investments

  • Soldering, brazing, and welding 

  • Properties of dental materials

  • Wrought base metal alloys

  • Applications and different alloys used mainly for orthodontics purpose

  • Stainless steel

  • Cobalt chromium-nickel

  • Nickel-titanium

  • Beta titanium

  • Properties required for orthodontic wires, working range, springiness, stiffness, resilience, 

  • Dental cement

  • Dental ceramics

  • Abrasion and polishing agents

  •  Die and counter die materials including electroforming and electropolishing

  • Dental implant materials

  • Waste disposal




  • Study material will be provided by the institute.

  • All lectures will be conducted by experienced faculty members of each subject.

  • Self-evaluation and contact programs.

  • Get to know your strong and weak subject areas.

  • Weekly test conducted.

  • The theory will be related clinically at each and every step.


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