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This course aims to educate dental professionals to understand and utilize the latest and best removable prosthodontic techniques. Through didactic and clinical teaching students receive the required knowledge and skills to fulfill the fundamental prosthodontic needs of patients. The course focuses on the latest techniques to evaluate clinical competency to provide quality prosthodontic care for patients. The course is equipped with classroom sessions amalgamating the latest facilities and clinical practice. The course is divided into four modules. 


  • Diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Steps involving in the fabrication of complete dentures (From primary impression to the delivery of complete denture)

  • Impression techniques for severely resorbed ridge cases

  • Hollow dentures

  • Impression techniques for microstomia patients

  • Steps involving in the fabrication of over denture (from post and core to delivery of over denture)

  • Dentures with precision attachments

  • Latest materials used in the fabrication of removable prosthodontics

  • Steps involoving in the fabrication of removable partial dentures

  • Steps involving in the fabrication of cast partial dentures (from primary impression to delivery of cast partial denture)

  • Steps involving the fabrication of flexible removable partial dentures


  • Implant supported over denture

  • Single day dentures

  • All - on four concept

  • BPS denture


  • Participants will be provided with all the instruments and materials required during the course.

  • Participants will be provided with patients.

  • Study material will be provided by the institute.

  • Every clinical step will be preceded by a lecture on that topic.

  • All lectures will be conducted by experienced M.D.S (Prosthodontist) faculty members.

  • Clinically oriented course.

  • For every step, first hands-on will be performed followed by patient work.

  • Weekend/regular course

  • 1:1 Learning




Course fees: Rs 50,000/- INR onwards


Course duration: One-week course/ weekend course depending upon the convenience of the students


On patient training: 10 patients

1:1 Teaching

(Theory class can be covered online if the student is not able to visit the institute. The clinical class can be done when the participant visits the institute.)

Patients entering into clinics with extensive bone loss and periodontal disease. What the treatment is going to be ??  Learn the treatment planning with denture courses and prosthodontic course.

Learn how to restore a long span of lost dentition with iti implant course and implant courses for a general dentist. Removable prosthodontics require few intraoral procedures than fixed procedures. Skill yourself in removable prosthodontics with dental institute and denture courses. prosthodontic course and iti implant course guide you how proper occlusal plane is maintained. Learn to restore function when no distal teeth are present with implant courses for a general dentist and dental institute.  iti implant course and implant courses for general dentist teaches you type of removable prosthesis and the materials used for their fabrication .dental institute,  denture courses, and prosthodontic course furnish you with well-experienced faculty that guides you about the restoration of esthetics. Get to know about abutments  with iti implant course and  implant courses for general dentist. What is the framework, what are connectors,  what is denture base, learn with the dental institute and prosthodontic course? Clear all your confusion between rests and retainers with iti implant course and implant courses for a general dentist. dental institute and denture courses guide you about the jaw relationships. Excellent yourself in treatment planning for removable prosthesis with denture courses and prosthodontic course.


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