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online anatomy and physiology

A dental student should know about all the general medicine. the first three years of dental undergraduate are similar to those of medical people and they can diagnose basic medical conditions as well as they can perform emergency procedures such as basic life support, providing IV lines, etc. Many systemic problems especially diabetes, hypertension, anemia and some serious conditions such as HIV, TB, and many more were being identified in dental settings during routine checkups. Oral problems such as halitosis(oral malodor) and dental esthetics can have a significant influence on once psychological and social behavior. So there is a need to make the student understand the role of the dentist in maintaining their general health. General health plays a very important role in oral hygiene conditions. As all the diseases are interconnected so a dental undergraduate should know about the general medicine course thoroughly.


The course will be interconnected with anatomy to make the student understand better. This course provides an overview of general medicine related to the dental undergraduate curriculum to engage, educate, excite, and assist you in improving the health of the patients. Every disease will be depicted through video presentations.  Students are able to engage in self-paced live online classes learning by rotating and identifying significant features of the diseases. This course starts with basic concepts and proceeds to the advanced stage related to the dental curriculum. 


Our faculty teaches the general medicine subject in such a way that the student remembers it very easily throughout their lives. Our expert faculty will guide the student at each and every step to learn general medicine in a simplified way. The faculty also helps dental students to clear their general medicine exam with good scores.


For 1:1 teaching of the general medicine class online, the student can take the class at their own flexible time.


The online general medicine course is also conducted in batches with a maximum of five students per batch. It depends upon the student on the method the student chooses for teaching.


  • Infections

  • Respiratory system

  • Gastrointestinal system

  • Cardiovascular system 

  • Hematology

  • Renal system

  • Nutrition

  • Central nervous system

  • Endocrine system

  • Critical care




  • Study material will be provided by the institute.

  • All lectures will be conducted by experienced faculty members of each subject.

  • Self-evaluation and contact programs.

  • Get to know your strong and weak subject areas.

  • Weekly test conducted.

  • The theory will be related clinically at each and every step.


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