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*Many lectures and classroom courses have/are been conducted for the Endodontics course, but due to shortage of space on site, just uploaded a video, so that the student gets an idea of how our classes are being conducted.


Master clinical dentistry institute provides opportunities for root canal treatment training. The purpose of the course is to prepare the doctor to enter private practice. Master Clinical Dentistry Institute offers Online and Classroom endodontics Course.


- 1on1 teaching

- Experienced MDS - Endodontist - super specialised faculty members.

- Flexible hours

- Clinical and video demonstration​s

- Live lectures


- Latest armamentarium

- 1 on 1 teaching

- Use of apex locator

- Use of endomotor

- Rotary endodontics

- Use of protaper


- Molars also given for root canal treatment

- Complex root canal treatment cases also provided.

- Experienced MDS - Endodontist - super specialised faculty members.

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  • Pulp dentin complex 

  • Internal anatomy and root apex 

  • Pathways of pulpal infection 

  • Endodontic microbiology 

  • Pulp and peri-apical pathology 

  • Pharmacology of local anaesthesia and nerve block in endodontics

  • Endodontic pharmacology (drugs and chemicals in endodontics)



  • CBCT in endodontics

  • Sterilisation and disinfection

  • Isolation in endodontics

  • Endodontics clinical management

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning

  • Diagnostic aids in endodontics

  • Endodontic instruments and standardization.

  • Intracanal medicaments



  • Access preparation for individual tooth

  • Working length determination

  • Cleaning and shaping of canal

  • Sequence of irrigation

  • Protaper hand instruments

  • Instrumentation techniques

  • Obturation techniques

  • Traumatic injuries and clinical management.


  • Management of internal resorption of teeth

  • Geriatric endodontics

  • Procedural endodontic errors and its management

  • Endo-perio lesions and its management

  • Rotary Endodontics

  • Extensive knowledge of machines and different systems of endodontic rotary machines of companies available in the market.  


  • Post and core buildup

  • Which post to choose and in which cases?

  • Direct and indirect techniques of post-fabrication.

  • Detail about endodontic materials available in the market and how to choose the best material.

  • Management of endodontic emergenices

  • Management of endodontic complications.



  • Single visit endodontics

  • Advanced obturation techniques

  • Re-root canal treatment

  • Surgical Endodontics

  • Magnification in endodontics (detail knowledge about dental loupes available in the market and microscopic endodontics)


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If you wish to enroll for any of the course, then the student can do Gpay/Paytm/Phonepe/ UPI transfer to +91-7889093147. Bank transfer can also be done on the above mentioned bank details.

Whenever the student does the payment, then kindly share the screenshot details of the payment on the email id or WhatsApp us on +91-7889093147


When the payment is done, the student is request to send these scanned documents at this email id :

1) Passport size photograph

2) Govt. Address proof

3) Dentist Id proof

If you have any query feel free to contact us via email on or WhatsApp us on +91-7889093147 (India).

*No refunds will be given to students who do not attend the classes for any reason; including but not limited to suspension, entry denial due to improper behaviour or any other reason. Money is non refundable and non adjustable. All disputes are subjected to mohali jurisdiction only.


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