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Restorative dentistry classes cover areas of advanced studies within the field of dentistry. Graduate and postgraduate studies are available in these closely related fields. The course provides dentistry students with an interactive 1:1 live class. The aim of the course is to train the candidates for clinical readiness in restorative dentistry by updating their knowledge, skill, techniques in newer and advanced methods. Our faculty makes the subjects in a very simplified way for the students to learn. The topics are clinically correlated at each and every step. All the steps are taught through live clinical demonstration classes. The steps are also seen when the students do them clinically through online classes. Students are able to engage in self-paced live online classes learning by rotating and identifying significant features. Our expert faculty will guide the student at each and every step to learn the subject in a simplified way. The faculty also helps dental students to clear their conservative dentistry exam with good scores.


For 1:1 teaching of the conservative dentistry online, the student can take the class at their own flexible time. If the student wishes then they can visit the Chandigarh center for practical classes.


The restorative dentistry course online is also conducted in batches with a maximum of five students per batch. It depends upon the student on the method the student chooses for teaching.


  • Nomenclature of dentition

  • Principles of cavity preparation 

  • Dental caries 

  • Treatment planning for operative dentistry

  • Gnathological concepts of restoration

  • Armamentarium for cavity preparation

  • Control of operating filed

  • Amalgam restoration

  • Pulp protection

  • Anterior restorations

  • Direct filling gold restorations 

  • Temporization or interim restoration

  • Pin amalgam restoration - indication and its contra Indication 

  • Management of deep carious lesions 

  • Indirect and direct pulp capping

  • Non-carious destruction of tooth structures - diagnosis and clinical management

  • Hypersensitive dentine and its management

  • Gingival tissue management for cast restoration and impression procedures

  • Differences between amalgam and inlay cavity preparation with a note on all the types of bevels

  • Control of pain during operative procedures

  • Treatment planning for operative dentistry

  • Applied dental materials

  • Biological considerations

  • Dental amalgam, technical considerations mercury toxicity mercury hygiene

  • Composite, dentine bonding agents, chemical and light-curing composites

  • Rubber base impression materials

  • Nobel metal alloys and non-noble metal alloys

  • Investment and die materials

  • Inlay casting waxes

  • Dental porcelain



Course Duration: One month

Course Fees: Rs 30000/-  INR (Indian Currency) per student (for batches)

1: 1 Teaching: Rs 45000/- INR (Indian Currency)

Course Timings: Five days a week course or weekend course depending upon the convenience of the students


Details regarding the fees: Fees have to be deposited in two installments. The first installment on the second day of the course and the second installment on the sixteenth day of the course. The fees have to be paid through NEFT Transfer.


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