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The Paediatric Dentistry programs train graduates to be able to diagnose, plan and manage pediatric patients with a wide variety of conditions. The course provides dentistry students with an interactive 1:1 live class. Our faculty makes the subjects in a very simplified way for the students to learn. The topics are clinically correlated at each and every step. Students are able to engage in self-paced live online classes learning by rotating and identifying significant features of every topic. Our expert faculty will guide the student at each and every step to learn pediatric dentistry in a simplified way. The faculty also helps dental students to clear their pediatric and preventive dentistry exam with good scores.


  • Growth and development

  • Importance of the study of growth and development in pedodontics

  • Prenatal and postnatal factors in growth and development

  • Theories of growth and development

  • Development of maxilla and mandible and related age changes

  • Development of occlusion

  • Study of variations and abnormalities

  • Dental anatomy and histology

  • Development of teeth and associated structures

  • Eruption and shedding of teeth

  • Teething disorders and their management

  • Chronology of eruption of teeth

  • Differences between deciduous and permanent teeth

  • Development of dentition from birth to adolescence

  • Importance of first permanent molar

  • Dental radiology related to orthodontics

  • Oral surgical procedures in children

  • Dental caries

  • Rampant caries, early childhood caries, and extensive caries

  • Role of diet and nutrition in dental caries

  • Dietary modifications and diet counseling

  • Caries activity, caries susceptibility, and their clinical application

  • Gingival and periodontal diseases in children

  • Normal gingiva and periodontium in children

  • Child psychology 

  • Dental fear and its management

  • Behavior management

  • Pediatric preventive dentistry

  • Principles of pediatric operative dentistry

  • Pediatric endodontics

  • Pulp capping – direct and indirect

  • Pulpotomy

  • Pulpectomy

  • Apexogenesis

  • Apexification

  • Obturation techniques and material used for primary, young permanent and permanent teeth

  • Traumatic injuries in children

  • Preventive and interceptive orthodontics 

  • Oral habits in children

  • Dental care for children with special needs

  • Congenital abnormalities in children

  • Dental emergencies in children and their management

  • Dental materials used in pediatric dentistry

  • Preventive dentistry

  • Dental health education and school dental health programs

  • Fluorides



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