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dental implant course online

Are you confused about the diagnosis and treatment planning? So many things in the oral examination, how to proceed, and what to suggest the patient?

Treatment planning plays a key role in running a successful dental practice. We at Master Clinical Dentistry Institute guide student about how to lay the proper treatment plan according to different cases.

1000 Case histories are given to the student so that they can lay the proper treatment plan. A good diagnosis is a key to a successful clinical practice.

Our faculty teaches the subject in such a way that the student remembers it very easily throughout their lives. Our expert faculty will guide the student at each and every step to learn in a simplified way.


For 1:1 teaching online, the student can take the class at their own flexible time.





Course fees: Rs 20000/- INR onwards


Course duration: One-month regular course


Details regarding the fees: Fees have to be deposited in two installments. The first installment on the second day of the course and the second installment on the sixteenth day of the course. The fees have to be paid through NEFT Transfer.

1:1 Teaching


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