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Master Clinical Dentistry programmes for dentists are designed to equip dentists with essential dental skills and principles to grow their clinical practice. The programs are tailored to meet the gap from traditional practice to advanced dental clinical practice. Each course promotes contemporary key concepts of dentistry, uses research and advanced dental technology. 


The purpose of this institute is to bring the best professionals from the field of dentistry of this sphere under one single roof to share knowledge, expertise, skill and educate general dental practitioners, who can demonstrate the attainment of competence and the progression toward proficiency in providing high standard, quality work to the patients.


This is an institute that is run by an experienced Masters of Dental Surgeon (M.D.S). The motto of our institute is to deliver quality education to the students. So, that they can serve the society in the best possible way they can. The institute includes all M.D.S faculty members in different branches. The lectures for all the courses are given by M.D.S faculty members in their respective branches.


Who should attend?


Dentists, who want to improve their patient treatment skills, re-enter mainstream clinical practice, need a comprehensive review and multiple patient training experiences. Our courses also cater to graduates from dental school who want to start their practice, interns, and undergraduates. The institute offers preparation courses for overseas dentist to practice in international countries.




  • Learn basic to advanced concepts from key opinion leaders

  • Cutting-edge technology to improve clinical skills

  • New skills & knowledge acquisition

  • Diversification to grow the practice

  • Certification 

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