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In this course, we will teach simpler straight concepts for orthodontics. The online dental school provides dentistry students with an interactive 1:1 live class. Our faculty makes the subjects in a very simplified way for the students to learn. The topics are clinically correlated at each and every stepStudents are able to engage in self-paced live online classes learning by rotating and identifying significant features of every orthodontic topic. Our expert faculty will guide the student at an online dental school that each and every topic to learn practically. The faculty also helps dental students to clear their orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics exam with good scores.


For 1:1 teaching of the orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics class online, the student can take the class at their own flexible time.


The orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics class online are also conducted in batches with a maximum of five students per batch. It depends upon the student on the method the student chooses for teaching.


- 1 on 1 teaching

- Experienced MDS - Orthodontist - super specialised faculty members.

- Flexible hours

- Clinical and video demonstration​s

- Live lectures

- Interactive classes

- Case discussions

- Flexible hours


- Latest armamentarium

- 1 on 1 teaching

- Experienced MDS - Orthodontist - super specialised faculty members.

- Work on patient

- Braces placement on patient


  • Growth and development

  • Growth spurts and differential growth

  • Factors influencing growth and development

  • Methods of measuring growth

  • Growth theories

  • Genetic and epigenetic factors in the growth

  • The cephalocaudal gradient in growth

  • Morphologic development of craniofacial structures

  • Prenatal growth of craniofacial structures

  • Postnatal growth and development of cranial base, maxilla, mandible, dental arches and occlusion

  • Functional development of dental arches and occlusion

  • Clinical application of growth and development

  • Malocclusion

  • The concept of normal occlusion

  • The normal and abnormal function of the stomatognathic system

  • Etiology of malocclusion

  • Diagnosis and diagnostic aids

  • Importance of intraoral X-rays in orthodontics

  • Panoramic radiographs

  • Cephalometrics: General principles in the orthodontic treatment planning of dental and skeletal malocclusions

  • Anchorage in orthodontics

  • Biomechanical principles in orthodontic tooth movement

  • Preventive orthodontics

  • Interceptive Orthodontics

  • Corrective orthodontics

  • Deep bite

  • Spacing

  • Crowding

  • Class II - Division 1, Division 2

  • Class III malocclusion - True and pseudo-class III

  • Retention and relapse

  • Orthodontic appliances

  • Requisites for orthodontic appliances

  • Classification, indications of removable and functional appliances

  • Methods of force application

  • Materials used in the construction of various orthodontic appliances

  • Preliminary knowledge of acid etching and direct bonding.

  • Removable orthodontic appliances

  • Fixed orthodontic appliances

  • Extraoral appliances

  • Myofunctional appliances

  • Muscle exercises and their uses in orthodontics

  • Functional appliances

  • Orthodontic management of cleft lip and palate

  • Mandibular prognathism and retrognathism 

  • Maxillary prognathism and retrognathism

  • Anterior open bite and deep bite 

  • Crossbite

  • Midline diastema

  • Openbite




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